TruClean Property Services, a trusted name in the commercial cleaning industry, is proud to announce its expansion into a new service area in Ohio. With a strong presence in Southern Maine, TruClean is now bringing its exceptional cleaning services and commitment to excellence to the Buckeye State. This expansion is not just about business growth; it’s a journey back to our roots, as our owner has deep family connections in Ohio. In this blog post, we’ll explore the exciting journey of TruClean Property Services and how we plan to make Ohio a cleaner, healthier place.

A Family Legacy in Cleaning

TruClean Property Services is no stranger to the commercial cleaning industry. Founded in Southern Maine, we quickly earned a reputation for delivering top-notch cleaning solutions to businesses of all sizes. What sets TruClean apart is our commitment to cleanliness, our eco-friendly practices, and our dedication to customer satisfaction.

Owner’s Ohio Roots

The owner of TruClean Property Services, Chris Treubig, has deep ties to Ohio. Born and raised in the Buckeye State, he has fond memories of growing up in Ohio’s vibrant communities. Even after relocating to Maine, Ohio continues to hold a special place in his heart, where he still has family connections. This expansion is not just a business move; it’s a heartfelt return to his hometown, driven by a desire to contribute to the communities that shaped his upbringing.

TruClean’s Commitment to Ohio

TruClean’s expansion into Ohio is driven by a sincere desire to serve the people and businesses in the area. Our company is well aware of the unique cleaning needs that Ohio businesses face, and we are ready to address them with the same dedication and professionalism that has made us a trusted name in Maine. We will be focusing our efforts in Summit, Cuyahoga, and Medina Counties.

Services Tailored to Ohio

TruClean Property Services is committed to tailoring our services to meet the specific needs of Ohio businesses. Whether it’s office cleaning, industrial cleaning, or specialized cleaning solutions, TruClean has a team of skilled professionals ready to get the job done efficiently and effectively. We understand the importance of a clean and safe work environment, especially in today’s world.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Practices

One thing that sets TruClean apart is our commitment to eco-friendly cleaning practices. We understand the importance of sustainability and environmental responsibility. In Ohio, we will continue our efforts to use green cleaning products and procedures that minimize the impact on the environment while still delivering outstanding results.


TruClean Property Services’ expansion into Ohio is a significant step for the company and a heartfelt return our owner’s roots. If you’re in Ohio and looking for a commercial cleaning service that truly cares about your needs, TruClean Property Services is the name to remember. Let us help make your workplace cleaner and safer than ever before.

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